JTC is ISO 9001:2015 & ISO 45001:2018 Certified


August 8, 2013 2013

JTC in Kuwait transported emergency power equipment under emergency conditions and extreme heat to avert a power outage in Kuwait City.

The equipment arrived by air on 14 cargo planes over a 10 day period. JTC loaded the equipment in Kuwait City on a variety of heavy haul vehicles, including a Scheuerle Intercombi, for transport to the power plant in Subiyah. The heaviest piece of equipment weighed around 110 tonnes, Scheuerle said in a statement.

Several days later, JTC used an Intercombi to transport tanks and reactor components to a refinery construction site in Shuiaba. The pieces weighed between 67 and 82 tonnes. Using two 10-axle lines, the Intercombi’s 60-degree steering angle allowed the load to be transported through the narrow harbor entrance of Shuiaba Port on the Persian Gulf

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