JTC is ISO 9001:2015 & ISO 45001:2018 Certified

Quality, Health, Safety
& Environment (QHSE)

QHSE Management System – (Quality, Health, Safety & Environment)

JTC has implemented a QHSE management system, incorporating all organizational systems, processes, and standards into one smart strategy to operate as one unit with unified organizational objectives.

Our QHSE mission is to implement the company’s core values of protecting human health, promoting safety, protecting the environment, and building a safety awareness culture. A continuous improvement objective is set to benchmark our achievements against the best in the industry.


As JTC, we are driven to ensure no harm comes from our actions to people, the environment, or the communities in everything we do.

Our principles, vision and commitments for quality, health, safety, and environment are articulated in our QHSE policy. This policy guides our day-to-day operations and actions and is an essential benchmark to continually measure and improve our performance through the Deming Cycle – Plan-Do-Check-Act. This QHSE core tool helps us improve our performance and achieve our QHSE objectives and targets. Our excellence in QHSE is proven repeatedly in our work and certified according to international standards and other applicable requirements.

JTC committed to achieving zero incidents by:

  • Providing “Safety in design” and occupational safety
  • Applying the best Occupational Health and Safety practices, principles, and technology to protect life and property.
  • Designing for “no damage to the environment.”
  • Promoting proactive QHSE leadership on all projects in our activities
  • Achieving zero QHSE incidents
  • Adhering to IRP & conforming to ISO-prescribed standards requirements

To accomplish these goals, teams of experienced and dedicated personnel have been assigned to each operational division to monitor and maintain a safe working environment so that the ‘safety awareness’ culture is achieved, and the set QHSE objectives met.

Visible Leadership and Personal Accountability at all levels

Accountability and visible leadership are key to QHSE. At JTC, we establish clear lines of responsibility and leadership at all levels.
We are qualified QHSE experts who provide guidance, advice, and technical support to line organizations. In addition, our corporate QHSE organization governs QHSE issues, ensures ongoing improvement and monitors the QHSE performance of our operations across the JTC.

Key Approach

To implement and monitor a fully QHSE method to quality assurance, health, safety, and environmental management in our offices, on-site and at our clients’ locations in each country where JTC operates to ensure successful ‘on-time’ delivery of each project.

QHSE Functions

The primary function of QHSE at JTC is to provide high quality, safety, occupational health, and environmental protection services within a continuously developed QHSE plan based on adherence to standards related to ISO 9001:2015 QMS and ISO 45001:2018 OHSMS.


JTC’s QHSE function is responsible for design practice and monitoring the implementation of a comprehensive QHSE plan, which encompasses but is not limited to the following QHSE targets and duties.

  • To meet defined measurable QHSE goals
  • To undertake an appropriate evaluation to measure and improve the QHSE performance at all locations.
  • To prepare and conduct appropriate QHSE training plans to cover JTC employees and subcontractors as and when necessary.
  • To audit and review the application of the QHSE program and monitor/implementation of the corrective plan.

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